PAPER THIN (Publication pending)

Paper Thin tells the story of Lucrece and Gerald, who have had a good marriage. Late in life, they had one child, Charlie, as they'd planned, and now, after watching Gerald recover from heart surgery, Lucrece has reminded Gerald of another thing they'd planned on: Getting a divorce. Lucrece has made her mind up about it—the time has come!—but she must first come to terms with the secrets she will have to share, secrets she and Gerald have held onto so long they feel like family themselves. Set on top of the roof of Lucrece and Gerald's house, on a farm in Mississippi, Lucrece discovers a painful truth: In order to keep her family together, she will have to tear them apart.


Marlo has a problem with her frying pan. She can’t get rid of it. Worse, she never knows what to do with it or why she has it or how she even got it. Everyday, it's the same old, same old, and she feels like everyone else makes fun of her for it, her so-called friends, with all their ideas that also never work out. They have their issues too! Oh, poor Marlo with a frying pan in her hand. She's frustrated. She's mad. And she can't tell if she needs to find out the How or the Why; she's not even sure of the Right Question anymore. But she sure can come up a lot of Maybes. Because maybe it’s never been about Why she is where she is, but about What she is while she’s there, she thinks. (Right? Maybe). Sigh. Then again, maybe all she needs to know is that there’s safety in numbers—even when the numbers are all…odd.



Macon is a young man on the run. Having committed a crime, he’s stolen his father’s car and taken to the highway. He makes a wrong turn and finds himself, stuck, in the middle of the night, somewhere in the red clay hills of eastern Mississippi, with a stalled engine, a fat moon, a billboard sign, and a mysterious young girl, named Yinnie, who seems intent on becoming Macon’s salvation by forcing him to face the consequences of his actions. Is she crazy, or has his conscience finally caught up with him? Loose Hog is pure southern gothic, told through the narratives of two strangely beautiful and unreliable characters that challenge us to define what truly makes us human.